Actwo - Andrea Vientec noise



The winter collection film is set in an isolated desert landscape. Characters loosely robed act as forces confronting each other, silently in a struggle for their survival.

Andrea Viêntëc
Autumn/Winter 16

Directed by
"The Sh"
Helena Lucas + Sebastián Mallol

Fashion film by
Sebastian Mallol

Photography Assist
Cristal Saints

Makeup artist
Rosie Ebié

Hetoimasia by Josef Van Wissem

Vita Thorpe, Gara Fariña

The collection pieces gather hints from lost cultures in their soft tribal patterns. Featuring elegant castaway looks in a captivating powder palette… On an unknown land. 



Antilego Andrea Viêntëc

A distant horizon, the verb spoken in a forgotten tongue.

A distant horizon Andrea vientec

Effigie Andrea Vientec

But we remain and time has changed us, now, their steps are ours.

Those steps Andrea Vientec

Etos Andrea Vientec

Hetoimasia Andrea Vientec


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