La Juicerie Rawesome heroes

La Juicerie

3D Artist

Art Direction
Web Design/Dev

Jul 2016

"Rawsome rituals & Healthy habits" the moto that best described this young startup of cold-press juices and healthy food and his flag store in the heart of Barcelona.

La Juicerie flag store
Bcn store


Wall Juice Poster la Juicerie

Tarjetas & Flyer La juicerie


La Juicerie Clipboard menu

La Juicerie Hamburger

Art Direction

High contrast, sharp corners and vivid colours. Also Wood, greenery and clean white. These were the first steps that conceived the image of La Juicerie with the collaboration of artisans, photographers and graphic designers. The result is a fresh and fun place to feel good, while you treat yourself!




La Boqueria

Las Coleccionistas

La juicerie macbook website

La juicerie shots and yoga

Hydrators of La Juicerie

La Juicerie Coffe shots

La juicerie juices and fruits


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